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Check-All Valve Introduces new series of flow optimising check valves

Check-All Valve has introduce a new EPIC series of in-line spring-loaded poppet-type check valves designed to be cost effective, simple, rugged and efficient in any flow orientation.

The EPIC is machined from 300 series stainless steel bar stock with Aflas seat/seals and a ½-PSI stainless steel spring (cracking pressure).

It is streamlined so that media flows through the valve over smooth, contoured surfaces with a minimum change in direction.

The check valve also achieves a high flow capacity and reduced pressure loss compared to other poppet-style check valves of similar sized connections, which minimises the pressure drop across the valve.

The EPIC closes quickly and smoothly for silent operation and eliminates water hammer.

Additionally, the EPIC series incorporates a replaceable drop-in check mechanism that can be installed into the existing body without requiring additional assembly of separate checking components.

This pre-assembled complete check mechanism eliminates the need to assemble individual checking components, creating an efficient and economical method of effectively rebuilding the entire check mechanism, if an application requires.

Due to the materials of construction, high flow capacity, and complete reparability, the EPIC check valves are uniquely suited for a wide range of applications in liquids, gases, and steam.