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Cepsa and Nexolub deliver 100% neutral lubricant base oils

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Nexolub and Cepsa, a global energy and chemical company, have teamed up to deliver a supply of 100% carbon neutral lubricant base oils.
Net-zero lubricant base oils are a first step towards the medium-term sustainability of this type of product.
Nexolub is offering the opportunity to offset its carbon footprint through carbon credits, which are then converted into sustainable energy development projects.
Specifically, this operation with Cepsa offsets 108.47 tonnes of CO2, which is equivalent to planting about 1,100 trees.
In calculating these emissions, both the production and consumption of these lubricant base oils (100.96 tonnes of CO2) and their transport by sea and land (7.51 tonnes of CO2) were taken into account.
This corresponds to approximately 168,000 litres of lubricant base oil that is more than 11,000 lubricating oil changes in a car.
Nexolub, a Spanish company specialising in the international trade of petroleum and chemical derivatives and sustainable fuels, is working on an ambitious decarbonisation project to help its customers make the transition required by the sector.
Pablo Guerrero, trading manager and head of renewable energy at Nexolub, said: “More and more, we are finding that most producers are striving to reduce their net emissions and carbon footprint. Nexolub has helped make it easier for companies that buy our lubricant base oils to achieve these sustainability goals.”
Niurka Sancho, head of lubricants at Cepsa, added: “At Cepsa, we are totally committed to sustainability. Our goal is to accelerate the energy transition, both in our operations and in the energy solutions we offer our customers. That is why we are joining forces with Nexolub to help reduce the carbon footprint of our lubricant base oil consumers.”