Centrica and Equinor sign co-operation agreement for hydrogen hub

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Centrica and Equinor have signed a co-operation agreement to explore developing a low-carbon hydrogen production hub at Easington in East Yorkshire.
This will help further strengthening the region’s growing status as the UK’s foremost hydrogen site.
Under the co-operation plan, the Centrica-operated area at Easington could transition to a low carbon hydrogen production hub over the coming decade.
This would support the Humber’s decarbonisation ambitions and help the UK meet its net-zero goals and hydrogen production targets. Such a transition would also safeguard many of the existing jobs within this historical gas terminal whilst creating new jobs for the future.
Currently up to one third of the UK’s total gas supply enters via Easington, much of it from Equinor’s Norwegian facilities. Easington is also situated close to some of the world’s largest offshore wind farm developments, offering huge potential for both blue and green hydrogen production.
The area is also earmarked as one of the landing point for the East Coast Cluster’s carbon capture pipeline, which would transport CO2 for safe storage deep under the seabed.
As such, it is a key location within the Zero Carbon Humber partnership which is planned to provide regional hydrogen and CO2 pipelines between the area’s major energy producers and carbon intensive industries.
As the UK’s most carbon intensive industrial region, such low carbon projects and infrastructure are vital to tackling climate change whilst future-proofing key industries and creating new jobs.
In response to the ongoing energy crisis, Centrica have secured licences and consents to use Rough to strengthen the UK’s security of natural gas supply in the near term. Centrica is advancing plans to convert its Rough offshore gas storage facility for hydrogen storage as part of its transition to a net zero future.

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