Celeros FT demonstrates flow control equipment and services to support energy transition

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Celeros Flow Technology will be highlighting its customised flow control solutions that respond to diverse process challenges of transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable resources such as biofuels and biomass at ADIPEC 2022.
Comprehensive aftermarket support also ensures that renewable energy operations continue to function efficiently throughout their design life, with the ability to augment operational parameters or modify processes to accommodate new feedstocks as they emerge.
Products on display will include pump and valve technology that keeps greenhouse gas emissions to a minimum and significantly lowers the electrical consumption involved in production.
Also on show will be filtration solutions that remove contaminants to protect equipment downstream and optimise product quality, and quick opening closures to allow rapid, safe and efficient access for maintenance.
Senior representatives from Celeros FT will also present a technical paper on The Role of Filtration in the Reduction of Foaming In Gas Sweetening (Amine) Systems during this year’s conference.
“The development of new, purpose-designed facilities is important, but the energy transition also requires the conversion of existing oil & gas infrastructure if we are to meet 2050 targets,” said Shane Moynihan, regional director, Middle East.
“This is a real challenge for operators because ‘green’ fuels can have very different requirements in terms of pressure, temperature and viscosity for example. Celeros Flow Technology offers both the lifecycle engineering expertise and high quality OEM equipment to help customers become more sustainable: optimising production and reducing operational and environmental impacts.”

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