CCPP operators choose fluid couplings from Voith

In recent years, the number of gas and steam combined cycle power plants (CCPPs) have increased significantly, primarily in the US. A total of 138 new plants were planned between 2013 and 2015 alone.

In addition to their high efficiency, currently up to about 60%, CCPPs feature flexible operating times when covering demand peaks. Besides this, they meet the government emission limits set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and benefit from the globally increasing availability of gas as a fuel.

A large number modern CCPP operators trust in hydrodynamic variable speed fluid couplings from Voith to control the speed of their boiler feed pumps. To further reduce costs for operators, Voith has continued to develop the product line and has optimised it specifically for the requirements of CCPPs.

Conceived for operating conditions ranging from -40ºC +55ºC, variable speed fluid couplings control the speed of boiler feed pumps for changing operating conditions. They ensure soft acceleration of the driven machine and load-free motor start-up. These features preserve the driveline. This is where the hydrodynamic principle takes effect: the speed is controlled without any contact, thus dampening torsional vibration and shocks. As a result, the Voith components increase the lifetime of the plant and avoid unscheduled downtimes with accompanying additional costs.

Hydrodynamics offer another advantage. The coupling supplies both the motor and the boiler feed pump with lube oil at all times. This means it is not necessary to install an additional lube oil system; the operator saves on space and money.

Voith variable speed fluid couplings for this field of application transfer power of up to 5MW and, with a mean-time-between-failures (MTBF) exceeding 25 years, ensure safety and reliability in use. Their robust design also makes them suitable for external use in plants built in the open.

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