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Cat Pumps launches ‘Wash-Saver’ for hygiene and sanitation cleaning systems

Cat Pumps has introduced an energy-saving high pressure pump package for centralised hygiene and sanitation cleaning systems.
Called 'Wash-Saver', the package utilises a variable frequency drive (VFD) and returns typically 85% mechanical energy efficiency irrespective of operating speed.

The Wash-Saver concept uses a feedback signal to the VFD to control the pump speed. The pump, drive motor, accessories and VFD panel come fully assembled, tested and pre-configured at Cat Pumps' UK facility, to match individual end-users' requirements. The option of a pre-piped water header tank is also available, and installation into existing centralised high-pressure pipe system is an uncomplicated procedure. The control panel can readily be incorporated into a factory automation system or linked into a local area network.

Cat Pumps' Wash-Saver only uses as little water as required, as the pump only runs when wash-down guns and lances are activated. As the pump remains fully primed and pressurised even when in idle mode, water is delivered at the required pressure and flow as soon as any wash-down gun is activated. Thus, it is not necessary to keep high pressure water recirculating and the pump running constantly at high speed. This capability saves energy and reduces wear on the pump and its components. As each additional gun is opened, the pump speed ramps up in response to the increased demand, then slows down when no longer required. As a result, each operator will not notice any drop-off in cleaning performance when co-workers activate adjacent guns.

When left in idle mode for longer periods of time, the control stops the pump completely to save energy, yet the system still responds instantly when any wash-down gun is activated. Finally, built-in protection against dry-running should there be any disruption to the water supply, as well as automatic detection of both minor and major pipework leaks, comes as standard.

The Wash-Saver concept can be applied to any of Cat Pumps' reciprocating high pressure positive displacement triplex plunger pumps, enabling individual configuration to any size of wash-down plant.