Carbon graphite benefits

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Carbon graphite is employed by businesses to decrease costs, improve efficiency and ensure public safety across the fluid handling industry.
Carbon graphite’s mechanical/chemical properties and its attributes make it a material to consider when designing mechanical/dry gas seals, pumps and valve equipment, to name but a few.

Range of benefits

Carbon graphite is a useful material for a plethora of reasons.
The first is that carbon graphite is self-lubricating. Carbon graphite is an allotropic form of carbon. Carbon atoms are bonded together in a hexagonal pattern by covalent bonds and form graphene layers held together by Van der Waals bonds.
Unlike ionic or covalent bonds, Van der Waals bonds do not result from chemical electronic bond - they are comparatively weak and, therefore, more susceptible to disturbances.
Allowing the graphene layers of carbon graphite to rub off against the mating material filling the surface roughness and creating a hydrodynamic film essentially allows the graphite to run against itself.
When this film forms a low coefficient of friction, value...

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