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CAP fits for Landia pumps and mixers in food factory sector

FLI CAP Technology, a company that designs and delivers a comprehensive range of process technologies for wastewater treatment, is introducing a range of Landia pumps and mixers for the upgrade of a food factory’s effluent plant.
Two balance tanks (1500m3 and 1800m3) will be served by 11kW external Landia AirJets, which are powered by the same Chopper Pump design that Landia invented in 1950. The knife system of the Landia Chopper Pump ensures that the AirJet does not get clogged by any solids in the wastewater.
For two rectangular tanks (both 75m3), submersible units from Landia will provide mixing. These 4kW 1000rpm mixers are ideal for smaller tanks.
John Hampson, Director at FLI CAP Technology, said: “We are not tied to particular makes of equipment or systems, so for the many turnkey projects we work on, we bring the most suitable, cost-effective process to our customers for the long term. For their reliability, performance and longevity, we have always found that pumps and mixers from Landia work extremely well."