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Butterfly Valve that flitters above the rest

QUADAX Butterfly Valves are being used to replace side entry valves at a new LNG terminal following the awarding of a large contract.
Natural gas is often described as the cleanest fossil fuel. It produces 25-30% less carbon dioxide per joule delivered than oil and 40- 45% respectively than coal.
Therefore, the demand for LNG is steadily increasing and will become of high importance to many countries who want to add additional sources of supply.
At LNG terminals the imported LNG is unloaded from gas tankers at special berthing facilities and stored in large LNG storage tanks.
In order to keep the gas liquefied, the pipelines and the storage tanks withstand a temperature of -162 °C.
Before delivering to the transmission network, the liquefied gas is gently warmed and evaporated.
For these applications, top entry valves are preferred since the central top flange can be removed and all internal components can be easily extracted from the body.
This is not the case for side entry valves.
Müller Quadax GmbH has been awarded a large contract for top entry butterfly valves replacing side entry valves as part of a new LNG...

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