Busch releases world’s first hygienically designed vacuum pump

Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems has launched the world’s first vacuum pump with a hygienic design.

This new rotary vane vacuum pump has been developed specially for foodstuffs packaging with tray sealers and thermoforming machines and is designed to be easily cleanable using steam jets and conventional detergents.

The unit surfaces are smooth and slightly inclined, allowing water and detergent to drain away after cleaning to leave a residue-free finish.

Initially two models – R 5 RAH 200 A and R 5 RAH 300 A with pumping speeds of 200 and 300 m³/h – will be available.

The new vacuum pumps are based on the oil-lubricated Busch R 5 rotary vane vacuum pumps, which have been installed in many packaging machines and remote centralised vacuum systems.

The rotary vane technology of the new hygienic vacuum pumps guarantees a permanent vacuum of 0.1 mbar and high pumping speeds for the entire range between atmospheric and ultimate pressure, allowing rapid evacuation and short packaging cycle times.

The vacuum pumps are water cooled, which according to the manufacturer prevents heat emissions to the packaging machine and cooled packaging area, leaving the packaging area temperature – a legal requirement, and important for food packaging operations – unaffected and simultaneously saving energy.

The heat energy from the cooling system can be reused elsewhere, resulting in an additional improvement to the energy balance of the vacuum system, and the water supply can be connected to a packaging machine cooling system.

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