Burkert releases Robolux multiport valves for compact processes

Burkert Fluid Control Systems has re-engineered Robolux multiport and double valves to fit with their Element control head range as part of a new actuator concept for compact processes.

Robolux multiport valves are designed for hygienic processes and are ideal for clean and washdown areas. The valves can now be combined with Bürkert's Element control heads to open up a range of new opportunities for the decentralised automation of hygienic processes.

The integration of these products allows the valves to be equipped at field level with required automation components including pilot valves, electrical feedback units and optical status indicators.

Element control heads also integrate optional fieldbus interfaces, allowing up to 62 valves to be connected to a PLC in series by a single 2-wire line.

Robolux uses a patented design based on diaphragm valve technology to create a compact, easily sterilised product that can typically be applied in hygienic food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology processes as well as manufacturing applications where dosing chemicals carry a high per-unit cost.

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