Burkert launches micro-valve for pharmaceutical fluid control systems

Burkert has developed a new micro-valve for pharmaceutical fluid control systems that claims to reduce liquid consumption, minimise dosing and wash cycles, and cut the distance to the application.

Measuring 7mm wide and 26mm high, the new micro-valve – WhisperValave – fits in miniature apparatus. It is suitable for 9 mm titre plates, but can also be installed in smaller spaces. For applications on dispensing arms, pipetting arms and dosing robots the low overall weight of the valve is an advantage.

The power consumption of the WhisperValve is also low: in both switching and holding it uses less than 1 W, which eliminates the need for expensive, space-consuming electronics are needed for power reduction. The new actuator is designed to operate at a sound level below 36 dB.

Due to its compact size and excellent flushability, the new micro-valve is ideal for applications in lab environments. The ideal flushing properties of the valve are achieved by a minimal internal volume, including the valve flange, of only 5 µl. This value is significantly lower than that of comparable valves of competitors. The accumulation of air bubbles, a frequent problem in smaller valves due to the poor flushability, has been minimised by Burkert in the new valve.

With a pressure differential of 1bar, the longest dwell time of a fluid is 5 ms. In addition to high dosing precision, the requirement for exact flow rates is also increasing in diagnostics and other applications. For manufacturers of fluid control components, that means increasing the power density of the actuators, so that smaller valves can also switch high pressures. Compared to similar sized valves the pressure working range of Type 6712 is very high, at 3bar (0.3 MPa) during switching and 8bar (0.8 MPa) during the flushing process of the open valve.

Dialysis, ventilation and the use of pipetting arms are typical applications where nearly all liquids and gases can be used in medical technology thanks to EPDM, FKM or FFKM membranes. The Type 6712 is ideal for all point-of-use or point-of-care applications because it sets a new standard in speed, size, acoustic volume and cleanability.

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