Burger & Brown releases electronic flowmeter with vortex shedding technology

Burger & Brown Engineering has released the new Tracer VM electronic flowmeter with a user interface employing vortex shedding technology to monitor liquid flow rate and temperature.

The newly designed control circuit provides some of the same features as the company’s previous switching tracer flowmeter such as turbulent flow indication (FCI technology) with a glycol input of up to 30% for FCI calculation.

The meter includes programmable switch set points (1A, 30VAC) for high or low flow or temperature and turbulent flow rate and user-selectable analogue outputs for flow and temperature 0-5 or 0-10VDC

The Tracer VM displays measurements through BTUs per minute calculation, and features selectable temperature and flow rate units and sealed pushbuttons for menu navigation.

New features of the VM model include a totalising function with volume display from a selected point and a bright colour LCD display.

And internal rechargeable battery allows for temporary operation even when unattached to a power source, and optional cables for and AC wall adapter or connection to RJG eDart System are available.

The new flowmeter allows water resource budgeting through the use of the totalising function.

Vortex shedding technology increases reliability with flow sensors that are less susceptible to dirty cooling water conditions.

Connection sizes are available from ⅜” through 1½” NPT or BSPP and the meter can handle flow rates between 1-15l/min through 10-200l/min with a standard operating temperature of 100°C and an upper temperature limit of 120°C.

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