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Bürkert unveils new flowmeter

Fluid control systems specialist Bürkert has launched a new flowmeter for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The flowmeter, called FLOWave, operates according to the patented SAW process (Surface Acoustic Waves), which uses surface waves to perform measurements.

According to the company, the primary advantage of this process is that there are no installed fittings or constrictions, which also means there are no empty spaces in the measurement tube. In addition, measurements are performed without any contact between the sensor elements and the medium; the liquid neither affects the sensor elements nor can the sensors contaminate the medium.

In a statement, Bürkert said: “This is not only hygienic, but also simplifies the cleaning process (hygienic design). The fact that the measuring tube is identical to every other straight tube section in the system in fluidic terms it also avoids pressure drops. Furthermore, installation is extremely straightforward thanks to the compact size and low weight of the device.

“FLOWave consumes much less energy than Coriolis flowmeters, for example, and can be mounted in any installation position. Measurements can be taken in standing liquids in fast-flowing liquids or in liquid flows that change direction. In addition, no maintenance work is required, which can significantly reduce the operating costs.”