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Bürkert introduces new valve control heads

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has added three new models to its 8691 range of valve control heads, suitable for the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

The 8691, 8685 and 8695 fit with a wider range of valves, thanks to model-specific adapter kits, while offering the same connectivity and functionality as the original model.

The smart valve control heads are suitable for decentralised automation applications in hygienic process environments, The Engineer reports. The valves can be used in both new and retrofit applications.

Combined with an integrated restriction function, check valves and manual actuation, as well as high-powered coloured status LEDs, the control heads provide key features required in a modern process control system.

They enable complete, uniform control solutions to be implemented regardless of whether they are hygienic single-seat, double-seat or butterfly valves, or fittings for auxiliary mediums such as steam, water or cleaning chemicals.