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Bürkert expands product range to include electromotive two-way membrane valves

Bürkert Type 3363 electromotive process valve
Bürkert Type 3363 electromotive process valve

Bürkert has expanded its product family of electromotive process valves to include the Type 3323 shut-off valve and the Type 3363 control valve.

The valves with an electromotive actuator are ideal for applications that either do not require compressed air or for which compressed air is not available due to the difficulty of conveying it to the application.

They feature high control accuracy and highly dynamic control, which allows them to reach the set point exactly and instantaneously with dynamic performance of 4mm/s and with a maximum closing time of under 4.5s.

Overshooting or undershooting, which can occur with pneumatic valves, is not possible with the Bürkert design.

Integration of the piloting function in the compact drive eliminates the need for control cabinet installation, as well as field piping and the power supply for compressed air.

The electromotive drive principle allows adaptation of the driving force to the respective application, which increases the life of the diaphragms and maintenance intervals, thus reducing maintenance costs.

The new valves feature an innovative cogging torque controller, which fixes the position of the valve without additional energy consumption.

If there is a power outage, the safety position can be reached via the optional SAFEPOS energy storage pack and it can also be adapted to the particular process.

A mechanical position indicator with a 360° LED clearly indicates the position and status of the valve at all times.

The linear motion of the field bus-capable Type 3323/3363 is executed by a brushless DC motor with a planetary gear via a low-friction, permanently lubricated ball screw.

This also prevents negative effects from pressure surges, which occur in pneumatic drives.

The robust powder-coated aluminium body with protection type IP65/IP67 features an easy-to-clean and closed design.

The shut-off and control valves are resistant to weather, impacts and vibrations, which makes them ideal for use in harsh environments.

The FDA-, USP-, and EHEDG-compliant valves are especially suitable for cleanroom, filling, packaging, and CIP/SIP applications in the pharmaceutical and health care sectors, for use in the dairy and cosmetics industries, as well as for industrial water treatment.

Bürkert Type 3363 electromotive process valve