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British flowmeters heading to New Zealand for chemical apps

UK flowmeter manufacturer Litre Meter has dispatched a delivery of its positive displacement flowmeters to Kempe Australia, an engineering firm, for chemical injection applications at New Zealand's North Island.

Twelve LF05 VFF rotary piston flowmeters will measure the flow of chemicals including corrosion inhibitor, demulsifier, and scale inhibitor.

Five skids, each with dedicated flowmeters, are under construction for OMV New Zealand's Maari Growth Project in the oil and gas production hub, Taranaki basin, on North Island. The skids will be installed on unmanned wellhead platforms.

Chemicals will be injected at high pressure through umbilicals from the field's FPSO into pipelines via the skids.

Measurement of the chemical injection rate is critical, Litre Meter says, because blockages caused by a build-up of scale or emulsified sludge can lead to a shutdown, risk of explosion, or an accidental hydrocarbons discharge.