Bridging the skills gap

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If an organisation is considering building a new fluid or sampling system, chances are it will cost significant capital.
Throughout the process, it is equally important to consider the human capital necessary to make the new system work as well.
It takes a specific set of skills to design a safe and efficient system with the right components, as well as to install all the tubing, fittings, and hoses correctly. Without that knowledge, building a successful new system can be challenging.

Fortunately, there are available industry resources and training opportunities that can help companies through this challenge as Figure 1 shows. In this article, we will discuss the four key areas that organisations can look to outside advisors for help on to bridge their knowledge gaps.

Fluid system installation

Companies must focus on keeping their highest-value employees equipped with the essential skills required to assemble reliable, efficient, and safe fluid systems.
Professional technicians should understand how to bend tubing and fitting assemblies, and be able to select and troubleshoot hoses, valves, and...

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