Bridging gap between analogue pumps and digital solutions

SEEPEX’s new SCT AutoAdjust, the progressive cavity pump, is automatically adjusted to the optimal operating point – with one click from the control room or locally on site through its pump monitor, via the app.
The clamping between the most important conveying elements – the rotor and stator – can be easily adapted to the conditions in the process or the degree of wear. With the SCT AutoAdjust, Seepex has further developed and digitised its internationally patented and multi-award-winning Smart Conveying Technology (SCT).
"SCT AutoAdjust is the bridge between the world of analogue pumps and digital solutions and has a unique technical design," said Dr Christian Hansen, chief technology officer at Seepex.
The pump manufacturer from Bottrop is presenting an automated pump with integrated Industry 4.0 technology.
Seepex has been setting standards in the area of easy maintenance since 2008 with its predecessor, the mechanically adjustable SCT.
This technology is now being revolutionised once more with the introduction of SCT AutoAdjust.
Quick access to the pump on site is possible via the SEEPEX Pump monitor or via bluetooth and app via tablet.
In this way the SCT AutoAdjust system can also be combined in no time at all with condition monitoring systems such as SEEPEX Connected Services.
The Pump Monitor and connection to the cloud are carried out by a SEEPEX specialist.
The new pump technology is accompanied by a wealth of innovations and other advantages like there is no need for complicated procedures on the plant or journeys to remote pump locations to carry out manual adjustments.

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