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‘Breakthrough’ nanotechnology antistatic coating for hazardous environments

Field equipment protection specialist Intertec has announced what it calls “a revolutionary advance” in antistatic surface coating treatment for its GRP (glassfibre reinforced polyester) outdoor enclosures.

Also boosting protection against ultraviolet radiation, the new coating treatment helps achieve extended maintenance-free lifecycles of field-based control and instrumentation equipment in processing industries such as oil, gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, according to a statement from the company.

Chemical specialist BÜFA developed the new nanotechnology based coating specifically for Intertec.

Named GO-Antistatic, the new treatment is based on an advanced carbon nanotube material applied as part of a surface gelcoat.

“The advanced nanomaterial provides a degree of conductivity for the outdoor enclosure that dissipates any static electric charges safely to ground - to protect against sparking. Such treatments ensure safety in hazardous areas of processing plants, where a spark caused by the build up of an electrostatic charge can cause an explosion of gas, vapour or dust in the local atmosphere” the company states.

GO-Antistatic is designed to provide protection for control and instrumentation equipment in plants operating in the harshest, most hazardous environments, such as deserts, the Tropics or the Arctic. Weathering tests carried out by Intertec have shown that the new coating can withstand extended exposure to very high UV levels.

"Our core business is providing advanced enclosures to ensure the long-term protection of sensitive field equipment, and the new antistatic treatment represents a significant step forward in enhancing performance," says Intertec's CEO Martin Hess. "The development could not have come at a better moment - as today many of our EPC and processing operator customers are trying to build plants in ever more remote and harsh environments."

"This surface protection treatment greatly boosts the long term performance of an important and popular form of coating for industrial applications," adds Krzysztof Bargiel, Product Development director of BÜFA. "It additionally enhances other qualities of the surface coating including application and colour tinting - which we believe will be a breakthrough advantage for the outdoor enclosure industry."