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BPMA user advice – EU compliance for booster sets is a legal requirement

If you are part of the booster set supply chain you have legal obligations to ensure that the booster sets which you place on the market are fully compliant in respect of EU legislation.  In this article, Steve Schofield of the BPMA (British Pump Manufacturers Association) highlights the issue and urges users to ‘buy with confidence’.

The European pump sector through its network of national trade associations and Europump (the European Pump Manufacturers Association), has for many years been working with the European Commission to ensure the introduction of appropriate legislation covering health and safety, the environment and energy reduction.  Europump has led much of this work, especially on the energy front through its Ecopump initiative and the BPMA along with its members have been at the forefront of this work.

Companies have invested a great deal of time and money to ensure the success of the legislative process in protecting users and the environment.  It is therefore no surprise that our sector is keen to ensure, both directly and via appropriate market surveillance, that products being placed on the UK market are...

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