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BPMA to offer training courses in pump systems

The British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA) has begun to offer a one-day course dealing with the subject of pump systems, as part of its programme of Pump Fundamentals training courses.

The course examines the factors that have to be considered when designing a pump systems, and using a combination of presentations and exercises the course takes a practical approach to what is a complex subject.

The aim is to enable individuals to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the key aspects that have to be taken into account when developing the most effective and energy efficient pump installation.

Course contents

Common types of pump systems

•The energy equation


•Flow regimes

•Origins of pressure losses


•Pressure losses


Determination of system head

•Friction head in fittings

•An example of the use of loss co-efficients

•Special considerations for positive displacement Pumps

•Acceleration head


 Interaction of pump and systems

•System curves

•Allowing for system head estimation errors

•Pump performance curves

•Centrifugal pump performance characteristics

•Pump performance with variable speed

 Pump operating limitations

•Partial flow operation of rotodynamic pumps

•Pump and system component inlet conditions


•Net positive suction head


 System Design

•The management of flow system design

•Pipe work and fittings system design review

•Sump design


 System operation

•Key operating considerations

•Pump flow control

•Systems using pump discharge valve control

•Systems with pumps in parallel and inlet sump

•level control

•Systems with discharge pipe siphons

•Pump starting and stopping


 The next course will be held on Tuesday, 11 October, at the BPMA offices in West Bromwich, UK.