BPMA calls for urgent action on on non-compliant circulator pumps

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The British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA) has raised concerns about the announcement from the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) regarding the prevalence of non-compliant circulator pumps in the UK market.
The revelation that recent market inspections identified 85% of imports of these products as non-compliant underscores the urgent need for action to safeguard consumers and uphold industry standards.
The findings of the inspections conducted by the OPSS are alarming and raise serious questions about the efficacy of current regulatory measures governing circulator pumps. Non-compliant products not only offer significant reductions in energy efficiency values but also undermine the integrity of the pump industry and erode trust in regulatory processes.
As the leading voice of the pump industry in the UK and Ireland, the BPMA emphasises the importance of robust enforcement mechanisms to address the influx of non-compliant products into the market. It is imperative that regulatory bodies collaborate closely with industry stakeholders to implement effective strategies for detecting and preventing the circulation of non-compliant pumps.
The association welcomes the OPSS’s removal [delisting] of some 30 products identified as not satisfying the required compliance measures.
Wayne Rose, CEO of the BPMA, said: "The proliferation of non-compliant circulator pumps is a significant concern for both manufacturers and consumers. We urge the government and regulatory authorities to continue to take decisive action to tackle this issue and ensure that only energy efficient and compliant products are available in the market."

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