Borger pump cleans up at the Coast

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A government agency that tried three different types of pumps to combat oil-based contamination in the fight against sea pollution, finally found the answer with a mobile rotary lobe pump, made by Börger.
Searching for a reliable, solids-resistant mobile pump, which could also be used in clean-up operations as a transfer pump for discharging portable tanks or other collection tanks, the agency had tried but failed with hose pumps, double diaphragm pumps and progressive cavity screw pumps.
The hose pump had persistent problems with excess wear and damage to the hose unit.
The double diaphragm pump had constant faults in the ball valves. And the design of the progressive cavity screw pump simply wasn’t suitable for mobile use. None of these pumps could effectively convey oil over long distances to tanker vehicles or suction tankers.
However, in addition to its compact and space-saving design, the mobile Börger rotary lobe pump (30-150 m³/h) has proved highly resistant to the solids in the sea-water/oil-sand mixture, consistently pumping without any problems.

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