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Bonomi launches new line of actuators

Series 86
Series 86

Italian company Bonomi has added a new line to its range of electric actuators, dubbed Series 86. According to the company, the new product line aims to build on the success of its Series 85 range.

Included in the new series are models with output torques ranging from 30Nm to 350Nm. Each model comes with aluminium polyester powder coated housing and IP68 protection.

Series 86 boasts many of the same features as the earlier Series 85 range, including manual override, visual position indication, anti-condensation heater, two micro switches (for remote position indication), electronic torque indicator and dual drilled ISO5211 – DIN3337 interface to enable direct mounting.

Motors in the Series 86 range are dual rated, the high tension motor suitable for voltages ranging from 100 to 240 AC, the low tension motor suitable for both 24V AC and 24V DC supplies.

Available options in the Series 86 range include 4 to 20mA or 0 to 10 volt modulating positioner for valve position control, an internal battery for failsafe operation in the event of power loss, as well as the option of a combination of both the modulating positioner and internal battery.

Series 86