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Bonomi introduces unique four-seated three-way brass ball valves

Bonomi North America has introduced unique new low-torque three-way, four-seated brass ball valves with spring return handles that provide “deadman” mixing or diversion operations in either L-port or T-port configurations.

The Bonomi 355NSRL (T-Port) and 365NSRL (L-Port) valves change flow paths with a quarter turn of the spring-loaded handle and return to the original flow path when the handle is released.

Unlike conventional two-seated three-way ball valves, the Bonomi four-seated 355NRL can offer straight-through flow, diversion, and shut-off capabilities.

Many other valves use downstream “crusher” seat designs, elevating the torque required to effectively operate the handle.

The Bonomi seat design utilises Viton O-rings behind each seat, allowing lighter “energised” seat-to-ball contact, making operation smoother and easier and extending valve life.

Bonomi 355SNRL/365NSRL valves also feature forged brass bodies that are stronger and lighter than typical sand-cast bodies.

Standard chrome-plated balls and blowout proof stems, PTFE seats, and double O-ring stem seals assure leak-free service.

Maximum working pressure is 600psi in water, oil, and gas applications and the valves are available in sizes ¼” to 2” with FNTP end connections.

The adjustable spring-return lever handles are made from heavy-duty corrosion-resistant stainless steel components that stand up to the environment and the stress of frequent use.