Blind flanges on oil and gas pipelines ‘costing millions’

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Blind flanges on pipelines around the globe could be costing millions in unnecessary downtime, according to flow control experts at Celeros Flow Technology.
The cumulative downtime caused by blind flanges could be causing inefficiencies and driving up costs in industries as disparate as oil and gas exploration, chemical processing, water treatment and power generation. According to Connolly, this is an area that companies would do well to address if they want to maintain their competitive edge.
Carla Connolly, global Sales director for Celeros’s pipeline access brands, said: “Blind flanges are often fitted on pressure vessels and pipelines because they provide lower cost on capital investment at the initial construction phase. It may not be until later in the life of an installation that the reality of the continuing overhead associated with opening such a flange is realised. In some cases, companies may not even be aware that their pipeline access system is contributing to higher operational costs.”
Celeros Flow Technology brand GD Engineering has come up with the flanged GD Bandlock™2 Closure as a simple solution.
Connolly added: “Our flanged Bandlock 2 Closures can be fitted to new or existing installations as a simple and direct replacement for the blind flange. This makes them ideal for installations where the operational overhead for opening an existing blind flange is found to be uneconomical over the life of the installation.”

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