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Blacoh Industries reveals new additions to support growth

The pair were selected for their diverse talents
The pair were selected for their diverse talents
Blacoh Industries has announced the addition of two new specialists to support the company’s goal of growth by providing innovative solutions for improved performance in fluid pumping systems.
Scott Bradley and Luis Ornelas were appointed for their diverse talents and experience, and will increase Blacoh’s capacity for innovation in engineering, product design, manufacturing and services.
Professional mechanical engineer Scott Bradley joins the Blacoh Surge division bringing extensive experience in designing, sizing and specifying pressure vessels, piping, pumps, compressors and various other equipment.
Bradley began his career managing multiple projects from award stage to ready-to-ship for CSI Compressco, a natural gas compressor packaging company, and later went on to manage a team of engineers at HPF Consultants.
With a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and a master’s in engineering management, Blacoh’s new quality assurance engineer, Luis Ornelas, combines skills with experience in efficiency and quality improvement, process auditing, ISO compliance, certifications, training and team development.
Before joining Blacoh, Ornelas led a team of quality inspectors for EGR Incorporated, a leading designer and manufacturer of automotive accessories for OEM and aftermarket applications.
The pair were selected for their diverse talents