Blackmer's sliding vane pumps are suitable for liquid transfer applications

Blackmer, a supplier of positive displacement and centrifugal pumps and reciprocating compressor technologies, says its NP and SNP Series of sliding vane pumps meet the needs of a number of operations in oil and natural gas exploration and production.

The areas in the oilfield where NP and SNP pumps can be utilised include offshore oil platforms, oil and gas production sites, central tank batteries, chemical well treatments and field terminals.

The NP Series of pumps offer a range of seal and material options for handling a variety of clean, non-corrosive liquids, while the stainless-steel SNP Series of pumps are able to handle corrosive and caustic fluids.

NP Series pumps are available in five port sizes, from 1.5- 4", with the SNP Series also available in five port sizes, from 1.25-3".

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