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Biral presents completed ModulA family

Biral has completed the ModulA family of circulation pumps, designed for enhanced ease-of-use.

According to the manufacturer, the reworked ModulA circulation pump is energy saving and more efficient than its previous iterations.

The new ModulA meets the tighter efficiency requirements in Europe from 2015, has a differential pressure and temperature sensor, and is available as a screw-connected pump as well as a flange pump.

The pump has an interface for an additional or BUS module and with the Biral Connector it can be quickly and easily connected to a power supply.

Fitted with the Biral Remote adapter, ModulA communicates wirelessly with the Biral Remote app for smartphones, available for iOS and Android.

ModulA is available as a heating circulation pump (ModulA Red), a double pump (ModulA-D Red), a cold water circulation pump (ModulA Green), and a service water circulation pump (ModulA Blue).