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Bidders sought for massive water network repair jobs

Yorkshire Water is calling for contractors to bid for places on its £800m (€909m) clean water network repair and maintenance services contract.
The contract by the water company will be tendered in five lots. The initial contract term for lots 1 to 4 is four years, with a further four-year extension option. For lot 5, the term is three years, with a two-year extension option.
Lot 5 will be an innovation marketplace designed to support businesses and promote innovative solutions. The works come under the new AMP7 spending period – a five-year investment cycle for works in the UK water sector.
Lots 1 and 2 will cover a range of services, including mains diversions, repairs and replacement (including trunk mains), stop taps, replacement and repairs of supply and commissioning pipes, along with the replacement and installation of valves, hydrants and ferrules, bulk meters and lead pipes. Lot 2 will also include network operation and maintenance, and leakage detection.
Lot 3 will include clean only, clean and waste new connections and clean only main laying. It will also include clean and waste mains diversion for the purposes of developer work.
Lot 4 includes the procurement and storage of meters, domestic and non-domestic meter replacement, installation and repair, domestic and non-domestic internal plumbing work and meter reading.
The innovation marketplace, lot 5, will be designed to generate competition among successful bidders and make it easier to introduce new technologies and innovative working processes to the water utilities sector.