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High-head pumps are the workhorses of many industrial fluid control systems. Their role can often be mission-critical, particularly in settings such as water transfer in the oil and gas sector, municipal water treatment and supply, and dewatering applications in construction and mining, where the control and removal of surface water is a primary safety concern. In such applications, it is vital that the pump operates reliably for extended periods of time.
Maintenance outages need to be kept to a minimum, both in terms of the mean time to repair (MTTR) and the length of time required to complete any necessary repairs or servicing. Any unexpected outages – due to the failure of a seal, or premature corrosion of the impeller, for example – can have serious consequences, impacting on productivity, operational efficiency, operational safety and, therefore, on profitability.
Problems with pumps
However, maintaining high-head pumps can be challenging. The various uses of these pumps mean they are often located in cramped and/or remote environments and spend much of their time submerged. As a result, there are few opportunities for visual...

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