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Bestobell Marine to supply new globe valve range to South Korea LNG project

Bestobell Marine has recently secured its first order to supply its brand new range of cryogenic high pressure globe valves to DSME (Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering) in South Korea.

The new valves have been developed over the past two years, in conjunction with DSME, to meet the exacting standards required for the valves in the new fuel gas systems, which includes withstanding extremely high pressures. The valves are designed to stand a maximum pressure of 370 bar and will be fitted in the gas phase piping of the fuel gas system. Here the LNG is injected into the engine at around 300 bar pressure, with the valve and piping system designed to withstand these pressures. The valves are due for delivery at the end of 2014.

Bestobell Marine is currently the only manufacturer of high pressure cryogenic globe valves for use in ships' gas fuelled engines with the necessary Class Approvals, certification and 3.2 traceability on all components.

The valves will be installed on the five 174K LNGC (liquefied natural gas carriers) being built by DSME on behalf of Teekay LNG Partners of Canada.

Teekay LNG Partners selected new MAN B&W, 2-stroke 5G70ME-GI gas injection engines to power the vessels in an industry first for DSME. The ME-GI engine uses high-pressure gas injection to allow it to provide a more environmentally friendly option to the marine industry, due to less CO2 emissions.

Bestobell Marine is already developing another range of valves that can operate up to a maximum pressure of 500 bar to meet marine industry demands.