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Bernard Controls delivers safety-critical actuators to Danish wind farm

Bernard Controls Benelux has installed and commissioned 16 quarter-turn actuators at the Horns Rev C high voltage substation, an offshore AC transformer platform off the western coast of Denmark.

Bernard delivered two FQ12, eight SQ60, and six SQ100 actuators to the platform that collects the electrical energy produced by the 400MW Horns Rev III wind farm, transforms it to a higher voltage level, and brings it to shore afterwards.

Two failsafe actuators (FQ12) were requested to operate on cooling valves inside the AC transformer unit.

The FQ range is particularly suitable for high safety applications such as heat control and ventilation in hazardous areas.

The actuators automatically reach a safety position in case of loss of power supply, which can happen frequently on the high voltage substation.

If the heat is not dissipated properly, the temperature of the transformer will keep on rising.