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Bell Flow Systems offers Metreg Technologies gas flowmeters in UK

Metreg Technologies’ MQM Quantometer gas flowmeters are now available in the UK, exclusively from Bell Flow Systems.

The MQM gas turbine flowmeters can be used for commercial and industrial applications to measure natural gas in pipe sizes from DN50 up to DN150 and larger. Offering a range of wafer styles, the aluminium meters can be used for secondary metering or in-process measurement.

The flowmeters offer high accuracy and a choice of calibration options, and are mainly used for internal measurements or control tasks.

Metreg’s MQM Quantometer is based on the principle of a turbine flowmeter; the flow of the gas to be measured causes the turbine rotor to rotate. The gas flow is narrowed on an annular cross section, then accelerated and directed onto the aluminium rotor.

The number of rotations is proportional to the measured gas volume; the frequency of rotations is proportional to the actual gas flow. The rotation of the rotor is connected to a speed-reducing gear train and transmitted via a magnetic coupling from the gas pressurised area to the adjustable eight-digit roller on the outside of the meter.

The gas meter is suitable for installation in hazardous areas, and is designed for flow and volume measurement of non-corrosive and non-aggressive gases, including natural gas, nitrogen and air, in non-custody transfer and process applications.

All MQM Quantometers are equipped with precision-machined aluminium turbine wheels. After machining, all aluminium parts are hard anodised for reduced friction and higher resistance to mechanical wear and tear, or chemical attack.

In case of contamination or dust in the measured gas, an optional oil lubrication pump should be installed to increase operating life. During installation and commissioning, a temporary top hat or cone filter should be installed to prevent damage to the meter.