Bedford Pumps provides North Lynn with fish friendly upgrade

Bedford Pumps Ltd has successfully completed the commissioning of two of their fish friendly pump sets for Kings Lynn Internal Drainage Board at North Lynn Pumping Station (PS).
North Lynn PS, located in the north-west of Kings Lynn, near to the East Bank of the River Great Ouse, was built in 1989 and provides water level management to a catchment of approximately 590 hectares.
The pumping station had been operating with just one pump, which was coming to the end of its service life, but also required additional pumping capacity.
Bedford Pumps manufactured two canister mounted submersible type fish friendly pumps complete with 80 kW motors for the PS.
One pump and canister were installed as a direct replacement to the existing equipment, and the other into the extra pump bay that was part of the original station design but had remained empty for over 30 years.
Bedford Pumps designed the canisters and discharge pipework to fit the scheme.
The scope of supply also included the control panels, VFDs, all pipework including modifications to the existing surge tank access, suction splitters, siphon breaker valves, condition monitoring devices, installation, commissioning, and site verification testing.

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