Become a pump mastermind

Sulzer is offers interactive pump training courses for operators and maintenance engineers.
The company is encouraging people to join the company’s free online training sessions to learn more about the operation and maintenance of these important assets.
Understanding the basic principles and internal workings of a pump is very beneficial to both operators and maintenance engineers.
The latest round of training courses will cover internal components, such as bearings and seals, as well as outlining key support systems within a pump package. The technical information will be interspersed with real-world examples of how an improved system understanding can ensure optimal operations.
Throughout the seminars, participants are invited to take part in a quiz to interactively reinforce the content. The upcoming training sessions have been developed using the experience from previous events and give a taste of what can be delivered as part of a full week-long course that can be tailored to a customer’s individual needs.
Upcoming training dates are on April 15, at 3pm (BST), Pump Components and Packages; July 14, at 8am (BST): Pump Essentials; October 13, at 3pm (BST): Pump Components and Packages.
For more information about the next online seminars contact pumps.academy@sulzer.com or visit sulzer.com/en/shared/services/sulzer-academy-for-pumps-and-systems

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