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Beckman Coulter launches advanced portable liquid particle counter

HIAC PODS+ provides mobile, lab-quality particle analysis
HIAC PODS+ provides mobile, lab-quality particle analysis

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is introducing the HIAC PODS+ liquid particle counter with advanced features for early detection of minute contaminants.

The portable PODS+ delivers fast, lab quality liquid contamination analysis in less than 60 seconds, and its multi-liquid testing capability means it is suitable for heavy industrial environments, such as oil and gas exploration, aerospace applications, or where hydraulic machinery is in constant use.

Its performance precision helps quality control teams identify and correct problems early, before they affect productivity and cause costly repairs or, potentially, environmental damage.

Compact, durable and easy to use with one-button testing, the HIAC PODS+ delivers fast, accurate results from wherever the instrument is located.

Its ability to handle low or high viscosity fluids further reduces routine sampling turnaround time and speeds the delivery of critical data.

“Heavy industrial environments such as those handling fuels, petroleums, water, and glycols depend on robust, high throughput performance continuity, while maintaining stringent safety and quality control standards,” explained Joe Dabbs, marketing manager for particle counting and characterisation at Beckman Coulter.

“The fast, accurate analysis provided by the HIAC PODS+ portable liquid particle counter extends the life of high-value equipment, reducing downtime and improving workflow. At the same time, the instrument’s ability to detect miniscule particles significantly reduces the risk of damage to the largescale environment from unchecked contamination,” Dabbs added.

The HIAC PODS+ provides an early warning system to detect moisture before degradation sets in.

Its airtight pressurising chamber ensures counting accuracy by compressing bubbles so they are not mistaken for particles.

Viscosity measuring capability ranges from 1 to 425cSt with shop air pressure at 100psig to 1 to 150CSt with the internal pump.

As well as supporting user-defined tests for ISO 4406, NAS 1638 and SAE standards, the HIAC PODS+ can also report data to ASTM, GOST, DEF, STAN, and NAVAIR standards.

The instrument is easy to move from one site to another, running on a military-grade, six-hour battery and delivering continuous, instant reports including maintenance information.

Customised sampling recipes further help to speed up sample processing turnaround times.

HIAC PODS+ provides mobile, lab-quality particle analysis