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BBA Pumps introduces new version of diesel driven wellpoint dewatering pump

In 2014, BBA Pumps actively introduced the PT150 diesel driven wellpoint dewatering pumps. A year later BBA has completed its line-up of electric dewatering pumps by introducing the 4kW wellpoint dewatering pump. For this electric series BBA has as far as possible used the same technologies as in the diesel sets, such as the Direct Drive Design.

10% more output from the electric PT150:

By replacing the V-belt drive with the Direct Drive Design, as well as improving the hydraulics in the pump casing, the pumping output is significantly improved.

The step to a small 4kW electric engine:

Ever since the 1960s, the Dutch standard has been a 60 m3/h dewatering pump, driven by a 5.5 kW e-motor. The new PT150 has improved the pump output so much that BBA was able to take the additional step and build in a 4kW electric motor.

Reducing costs as well as caring for the environment:

'Even at a low occupancy rate, savings on energy costs during the lifetime of the pump are huge. The investment costs of the PT150 are completely disproportionate to the energy savings,' according to Roland Berns, CEO of BBA Pumps.

Other benefits:

- Compared to the last model, the PT150 has fewer components, making maintenance easier and lowering the operational costs.
- Lower energy consumption means less environmental pollution.
- Direct Drive Design reduces the noise level.