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Battery powered flowmeter with new features

Scientific gas flow specialist Vögtlin Instruments GmbH has introduced a firmware update with several improvements for the red-y compact 2 series mass flowmeters.
The red-y compact 2 is a gas flow meter with an optional valve that can operate on a single AA battery, on USB power or on 24 Vdc supply.
With the touch-screen display, users can conveniently adjust lots of variables without the need of a PC, which makes the unit perfectly suited for both, portable and static applications. The firmware update 3.0.6 comes with the following new features including swipe control, energy optimisation in the measuring mode “performance” and user-defined storage interval.
The red-y compact 2 unit is suitable for most gases in a range from 0-0.01 to 0-450 ln/min (air), available in different materials/elastomers and can be supplied with an advanced alarm module with 3 contact relays. The new firmware adds value and can simply be installed by any existing user by downloading the automatic install software on your PC and connecting the compact 2 with a simple Micro USB cable.