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Balancing act with valves

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With £650 billion (€786 billion) of public and private investment lined up, infrastructure projects are set to boom over the next 10 years.
The future of UK infrastructure is undoubtedly exciting. From the 10-year school rebuilding programme, through to the 40 new hospitals targeted to be built and in-use by 2030, to countless other public and private projects, there’s construction and building happening practically everywhere.
The clamour of excitement brewing across the construction sector over these headline figures is palpable.
However, this money does also need to be spent wisely if we are to achieve under the “build back greener, build back faster, build back better” banner. This is especially when considering the climate change targets and carbon emissions reductions that need to be hit collectively across the industry.
Against this, there is the issue of operational emissions (from energy used to heat, cool and light buildings) accounting for 28% of all carbon emissions in the world, according to the World Green Building Council.
Ultimately, this means everybody across the supply chain must have sustainability at the forefront...

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