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Badger Meter launches new electromagnetic flowmeter

Badger Meter, a US flow measurement technology specialist, has launched a new electromagnetic flowmeter called ModMag M7600, designed for the concrete batching applications.

The meter features a non-intrusive open flow tube that virtually eliminates pressure loss, the firm said in the

The M7600 is the ideal metering device for clean or reclaimed water batching in ready mix, precast, prestress, and block plants, and requires minimal maintenance over a long operating period.

Greg Perona, product manager at Badger Meter, said: “The M7600 electromagnetic flowmeter was specifically developed for applications in harsh environments, such as concrete batching.

“Its fully-enclosed transmitter protects an internal LCD display and electronics from dirt, debris and other hazardous conditions. Plus, its rugged construction makes the meter ideal for operation in the concrete industry.”

In a statement, the firm said: “ModMAG M7600 electromagnetic flow meters are an excellent choice for concrete batching applications. Reliable and accurate flow measurement in concrete batching enables companies to control material costs and ensure optimal finished product quality.”