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Badger Meter expands range of control valves

Badger Meter has added to its portfolio with a new high pressure control valve, designed to operate on applications with up-stream pressures of up to 60,000 psi.

The type HP-60 control valve utilises a 17-4 PH body along with a Stellite inner valve assembly. The HP-60 valve can be used in industrial research and process pilot plants on liquids and gases, with typical applications being chemical injection, for example in the production of high pressure, low density polyethylene (HPLDPE).

Standard features include pressure rating to 60,000 psi at 38ºC, a range of interchangeable trims, choice of linear or quick opening trims, ANSI Class lll shutoff (size P-1 through P-9) and ANSI Class lV shutoff (size K through O). The inner valve (plug and seat) is made from Stellite while titanium nitride-coated Stellite is available as an option. Standard packing is Torlon/PFA CV rings.

The valves can be supplied with standard (air-to-open, air-fail-close, air-to-close, air-fail open) actuators, but a stainless steel option with top mounted positioner or side mounted positioner, is also available.

A range of accessories, such as filter regulators, gauges, I/P converter, limit switches and solenoids, are also available.