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Babcock supports chemical plant expansion

A VPX Rapid Steam Generator to heat storage vessel (via Babcock)
A VPX Rapid Steam Generator to heat storage vessel (via Babcock)

Blackburn Chemicals, a provider of foam control and antifoaming solutions, has installed a range of Babcock process heating systems into its Lancashire factory as part of a major expansion programme.The company supplies a wide range of industries, including paper, food, paint and textiles, in over fifty countries.  It has been expanding production on site and has invested over £8 million (over €9 million) to help double production in different sectors.

As part of the expansion programme, Blackburn Chemicals has installed an EPC1000ES Thermal Fluid Heater to heat process vessels, a 2500kg/h VPX Rapid Steam Generator to heat storage vessels and an HEB 850 Hot Water Boiler to heat the process water from Babcock Wanson. 

The Babcock Wanson EPC ES is a fully automatic coil type, multi-pass Thermal Fluid Heater which provides optimal distribution of the heat, high fluid velocity in the exchange tubes and continuous flow monitoring to ensure long fluid life and the highest level of safety.  The EPC ES is designed to match fuel input to plant energy requirements and includes a built-in exhaust gas to combustion air economiser for operating efficiency.

The VPX vertical coil Steam Generator from Babcock Wanson features three full gas passes, plus an in-built combustion air pre heater to give high operating efficiency.  Steam is available from a cold start in three minutes.

The HEB Hot Water Boiler used at Blackburn Chemicals is a forced-circulation, fully automatic, oil or gas fired packaged unit designed for high efficiency and long working life. The reverse flame design is meant to provide optimum furnace loading and the radial firetube assembly minimises material stresses. A reversible front door allows access for inspection of the combustion chamber and reversal tubes without the need to remove the burner.

A VPX Rapid Steam Generator to heat storage vessel (via Babcock)