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Axium Process launches new membrane separation service

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Filtration specialists Axium Process have launched a membrane separation rental service developed specifically to bypass traditional concerns and provide a fast-track solution. Axium’s new service is a valuable resource for fast or temporary technical filtration solutions that would normally involve time-consuming research and risky commitments to large capital investment.
Offering flexibility and suitable for many liquid processing applications, Axium’s UF2Go and RO2Go crossflow systems have been developed for rapid filtration solutions. Backed up with extensive technical expertise, Axium can fulfill high-priority requirements swiftly from their range of universally adaptable membrane filtration options.
The UF2Go and RO2Go systems have been designed to meet industrial scale demand for most types of liquid processing requirements - with environmental concerns top of the list.
“The UF2Go and RO2Go crossflow systems provide an exceptionally practical solution for urgent filtration needs,” said Derek Davies, business development director at Axium Process. “Both systems are available through a rental model typically using OPEX, which bypasses the usual CAPEX restrictions but allows observation of long-term trends. It’s ideal for situations where a permanent installation may be required at a future point.”
Axium’s systems can be used in the food, beverage, dairy and water recycling business.
From the removal of suspended solids and organic impurities to wastewater recovery, high-value protein extraction, or even to support occasional high-demand situations, the versatile concept is built on reliable tried-and-tested technology used by multiple leading brands.
“Both the UF2Go and RO2Go are designed for easy deployment and minimal operator intervention, and each system can be up and running in a matter of hours,” he added. “During installation and commissioning, full operator training will be conducted by one of our engineers.”
Axium Process is one of the UK’s leading membrane filtration system manufacturers, specialising in microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis technology.