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AxFlow to distribute industrial sector APV heat exchangers

AxFlow has announced that it has taken on the exclusive distribution of APV heat exchangers for industrial markets in the UK.  APV heat transfer solution for cooling, heating, condensing and evaporation of process fluids are used across a wide range of industries and AxFlow now becomes the prime source of distribution to the chemical, industrial, oil and gas and power sectors throughout the UK.

The company has been involved in supplying industrial heat exchangers for several years, but the decision to take on the distribution of the APV Gasketed Plate range, Brazed Heated range and the APV Hybrid fully-welded, gasket-free product marks a new departure for the company.  Heading up the new operation is Geoff Mahoney, who has joined AxFlow from APV.

‘APV has a very well established range of plate heat exchangers in the UK, and together with these AxFlow will be bringing new innovations to the market,’ reports Geoff Mahoney. ‘These new innovations include plate type hanging, clamping and EasyClip systems.  We are also offering the APV Hybrid fully-welded heat exchanger, a system that does not contain gaskets and is fully cleanable. The versatility of the Hybrid is reflected by its ability to be used in almost any type of application, particularly where high temperatures and pressures are encountered.’ 

AxFlow will be offering the full range of available plates in sizes ranging from ¾” up to 20” port diameters and plate areas from 0.018 to 3.8m². The large and extensive plate and gasket materials are capable of withstanding corrosion and ensure processing efficiency.

‘We shall be concentrating on those sectors of industry where AxFlow already has a strong presence for its process pump technologies and APV heat exchangers are already widely used,’ reports Axflow’s managing director, Tony Peters.