AW-Lake introduces next-generation gear meters

AW-Lake Process Flow Measurement has introduced its new gear meter series.
The device offers greater efficiencies in operation with tighter tolerances, higher resolutions, higher standard pressure ratings (6,000 psi), improved accuracy, wider turndowns (100:1), and a new low-viscosity series.
Designed with high-performance materials, the gear meters offer high chemical resistance to operate safely in abrasive or filled fluids while providing a long service life of more than 30 years in the field, +0.1% repeatability, and +0.5% standard accuracy.
These positive displacement gear meters work in bi-directional flow applications and are unaffected by changing viscosities.
The gear meters offer multiple output options including pulse, analog, or modbus to deliver data in required formats for PLCs, PCs, and remote displays.
When combined with AW-Lake’s EDGE Flow Electronics, the next generation gear meters provide better access, understanding, and control of a process from a smartphone.
Mobile and PC-based applications streamline installation, configuration, and troubleshooting.
“Our next generation gear meter series is a result of decades of experience, customer feedback, and an extensive study of the latest technologies,” said Mark Iverson, general manager atAW-Lake. “The new designs offer more precise flow measurement with a variety of output options, including one that pairs with our EDGE family of flow electronics for remote monitoring and management of operations on a smartphone.”

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