AW-Lake enables remote monitoring, programming of flowmeters

Flow measurement technology provider AW-Lake has added a new flow rate transmitter to its Bluetooth-enabled products range.

The RT-50 Flow Rate Transmitter is now part of a series of products that support remote monitoring and programming of AW-Lake flowmeters from a smartphone.

Other Bluetooth-enabled devices include the FAC-S™ Analog Output Sensor and FAC-R Frequency to Analog Converter, according to the company.

The battery-powered RT-50 Flow Rate Transmitter offers a local and remote display of flow rates in locations where equipment is exposed to different environmental elements.

Through Bluetooth connectivity, users are able to choose to view readings and adjust rate, total, reset, sleep mode or time on a smart device, such as a smartphone.

The company also offers a mobile app that connects to the RT-50, FAC-S and FAC-R devices, to enable users to wirelessly set up and troubleshoot units from a mobile device.

“By adding Bluetooth capabilities to our products, users can turn a smart or tablet into a wireless flow monitor that works in their hands,” said Mark Iverson, general manager at AW-Lake. “Innovation and convenience are at the core of our product development in making our customer’s lives easier and more productive.”

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