Avingtrans wins £3.5m deal to supply valves to French-owned nuclear plants in UK

UK-based engineering company Avingtrans has been awarded a £3.5 million (€4.1m) contract to supply gas-cooling valves to seven nuclear power stations across the UK.

Avingtran's Maloney Metalcraft company will supply the valves for each of French energy giant EDF’s reactors at Dungeness B, Hinkley Point B, Hunterson B, Hartlepool, Heysham 1, Heysham 2 and Torness, according to news website Proactive Investors.

The contracts will continue until the end of the nuclear plants’ service life cycle.

Austen Adams, managing director of Avingtrans' energy and medical division said: "The Maloney Metalcraft team designed and supplied the original CO2 gas drying systems for the stations back in the 1970s but, with further delays to the Hinkley Point C programme, extending the life of these older nuclear power stations has become critical to keeping the lights on across the UK."

Nuclear power generation in the UK is big news at the moment, after a shock delay by fresh Prime Minister Theresa May's government on the £18 billion plans for Hinkley Point in Somerset.

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