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Australian Pump to begin field tests of Tsurumi 1000V pump

Australian Pump Industries has announced that Tsurumi’s 1000V submersible dewatering pumps will soon begin trials at mine sites across Australia.

Tsurumi’s Kyoto factory has finished the design, prototyping, and laboratory testing for the pump model, which is now ready for live mine environments.

Australian Pump, Tsurumi’s distributor in Australia, is working with key mine operators on a programme that will offer 11kW through to 110kW 1000V dewatering pumps for field testing.

Australian Pump’s John Kofron explains the Tsurumi LH high head mining pumps offer real advantages in terms of design and cost.

Tsurumi designed the new 1000V series submersible pumps specifically to withstand the punishing conditions found in harsh mining sites.

The three phase pumps have flows of up to 6,500lpm and maximum head of up to 200 metres.

Already well established in Australian mine and quarry applications, Tsurumi’s KTV and 3 phase LH series high head pumps have been selected by consultants and specified by pump engineers in diverse projects including Gina Reinhardt’s Roy Hill mine.

Key features of Tsurumi’s 1000V pumps include inbuilt thermal protection in motors cutting power on over current or extended dry run conditions, self-reset function allowing the pump to automatically restart, anti-wicking cable entry preventing water from entering the motor if the power lead is damaged or nicked, and double silicon carbide seal provided as standard on all models with both seal surfaces submerged in an oil chamber.

The mechanical seal design features a patented Tsurumi oil lifter that Australian Pump says increases seal longevity.

The lifter ensures both the upper and lower seals are lubricated and cooled, even if the oil level in the chamber is low, or if the pump is operating out of level.